teen driver insurance

Teen driver insurance statistics for North Carolina show it ranks 16th in the nation of the best states with teen drivers. This study, conducted by WalletHub, also found that North Carolina ranks 31st in the nation for safety conditions, such as the overall quality of roads and infrastructure of the roadways.

Why does North Carolina rank so high for states with teen drivers? It could be a combination of quality driver education programs coupled with the ability to acquire a learners’ permit at age 15. With in-school and out-of-school driver education programs and learners’ permits, teens can get behind-the-wheel experience with an adult before getting a full drivers’ license. This allows teen drivers to gather knowledge behind the wheel with skilled adults directing them on safe driving procedures.

In most states, including North Carolina, teen drivers are required to meet a minimum amount of driving hours with a qualified adult after receiving a learners’ permit. You can help make sure your teen driver is gaining knowledgeable experience from an adult you trust. Family members such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents are usually great options for your teen to drive with, as they care about your teen’s safety well-being.

Even after new drivers have met the minimum requirements, it is important for parents to maintain an active role with inexperienced teen drivers to help them learn the rules of the road. You can provide tips on driver safety, awareness, accident prevention, and how to handle the sticky situations you were in at their age.

A great way to stay involved is to lead by example. Things like putting your cell phone away while driving with your teen in the vehicle, keeping both hands in the proper driving form, slowing down to stop for yellow lights, and making a complete stop at stop signs can help showcase cautious driving. Children and teens watch (and often imitate) the behaviors they see in their parents, so you can start teaching them proper driving skills long before they’re ready to practice them.

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